About Us

“Our passion is…
to travel and explore amazing and interesting Thai food,
snacks and homemade products.
We love to share our passion with our friends and others and
that´s the reason why the Thailand in The box project was created.”


Our journey began when we met in the local food market in Bangkok.

Pavol tried to ask an older woman, a local seller, if some of the food that he liked the look of was chicken. The older woman kept on speaking in Thai and Pavol looked confused.

Nat overheard the conversation and helped to explain that the food which Pavol wanted to order was not made from chicken meat but chicken feet, which is a traditional dish in Thailand. Many Thai people like it, but to foreigners, it looks quite scary. Pavol thanked Nat for saving him from the “special food” and offered to buy them both an ice-cream.‌

‌This funny story brought us together and we became couple, who like to roaming around and trying various examples of Thai street food or new snacks.‌

We eventually decided that we would like to share our passion with more people than just our friends from Europe who love to travel to Thailand, or receive our gift boxes with Thai snacks and products when we come to visit them in Europe.

          We are always excited to share our love of Thai food with others, especially when introducing new Thai snacks and interesting authentic products from local sellers. We always source from local markets all around Thailand in order to find new products which we can try along with our customers.

          The most important and satisfying thing for us is to feel that we can make someone’s day with our gift box and an amazing and genuine Thai experience. Because we know that not all Thai snacks are tasty and interesting for everyone, we prepare every box individually, based on a survey from the customer and their preferences. Sometimes it’s not easy, but Pavol can recommend the kind of snacks and products that are more in tune with the tastes and expectations of Europeans and Nat is an expert on seafood and the Asian market.‌

Are you ready to be introduced to Thailand through our box?

We will do as much as we can to give you the best Thai experience.

If you have any custom requests, or would just like say hi, you can reach us here Contact Us

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