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Thailand In The Box

Order Box of The Best Thai Snacks

and Products From Thailand

  • “My first experience”
    I collect things all around the world and thanks to Thailandbox I got nice things into my collection. It was my first experience of Thai food, snacks and ingredients. I like chilly but that Thai spicy chips with name of “devil” got me.
  • “Interesting experience”
    Interesting experience with Thailandinthebox. At first, they let me make a survey and I answered, that I am ready to try something special. When the box come to home I invite some friends to my home. We enjoyed a lot of fun with food and snacks. Thx. for experience and useful gift.
    Jacob, UK
  • “I just love it - great value”
    Thailand is amazing and I ever wanted to travel there. I ordered a box and after fill a form I waited. Hahaha I was so exciting what is inside a box. When I finally arrived, it made me very happy. I don´t want to reveal all the stuff inside but I really love mango snacks and traditional handmade stuff.
    Jane, Sweden
  • “Nice piece of Thailand to your home. ”
    We are love to travel and try local snacks from all over the world. We tried many snacks but this is the first time from Asia. OMG spicy snack or very nice smell present. Next time we will be more proud and try a seafood snacks.
    Simona, Germany
  • “This surprised me :)”
    Sawasdee ka :) I love all about Thailand and when I saw this website I knew this is for me :) I love surprised and this box is about to make people surprised with snacks and gifts from Thailand. Thanks, guys for nice gifs and interesting snacks, I really appreciate it.
    Petra, Serbia

What is Thailand In The Box?

Thailand In The Box offers Thai snacks online with FREE shipping worldwide. We assemble authentic Thai snacks, ingredients, homemade and handmade products with traditional stuff delivered to you directly from Thailand.

We pay attention while searching for amazing stuff and popular Thai snacks from all around Thailand, especially for you, Let’s feel Thainess when you open “Thailand in The Box"

Local products

All snacks and products are from verified local sellers from variety of markets all around Thailand.

Unique stuff for You

We will surprise you and choose the best snack and gift for you based on your preferences.

FREE Delivery

We delivery worldwide without any fee. All boxes are delivery by airmail with tracking number.

Introducing Thailand in the Box

The perfect for


Are you ready to explore Thailand in your home?


How Does it Work?

We can´t tell you what exactly will you get but we can promise you that we will everything to let you experience Thailand. Every Thai Snacks Box consists of a variety of snacks with different tastes & the box content is personalized based on your preferences if you are ready to try something special.

1. Make order

Click "BUY NOW" to order and pay by secure online payment. After order we will send you survey to your e-mail address.

2. Fill a survey

We want to know more about you and your preferences. Fill a survey and we will prepare a custom box for you.

3. Enjoy your box

Get ready for our surprise that we sent it to you by air. Wait approx. 15-30 days and let us know you experience.